Carrot Cashew Bread (Vegan Dehydrator Recipe)

© 2012
To me, it's the perfect time of year camping. You won't be simmering in the sun during the day, but it doesn't really get *cold* at night yet. Sticking to your vegan diet can sometimes be a challenge when you're away from the kitchen. But if you dig long and hard enough you'll come up with a wide variety of delicious dishes that can easily be taken or heated up at the campfire. Here is just one example!

This carrot cashew bread is a yummy break from the norm and if you drizzle some of your favorite coconut butter or sweetener, it makes for an exceptional breakfast to start your day. It's too easy to make, too (always a big plus!). Simply combine everything, throw it in the dehydrator 'til it's done then seal it in a bag (if your trip isn't immediate, she says it stores well in the fridge 'til the big day, too).

Get the recipe and info at Raw Food Recipes here :)

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