Vegan Breakfast Recipes Roundup!

Breakfast can be one of the more difficult mealtimes of the day, especially if you've just started trying to eat vegan... If you're used to enjoying a stuffed omelette and Jimmy Dean sausage, trust me... you will discover that there are all kinds of yummy breakfast options that will satisfy your every craving without taking a nose-dive on your efforts to eat better. Here are just a few of them to consider:

Blueberry Oat Waffles

© 2011 Recipe Renovator. Used with permission.

I love the idea of making up some of these and then taking some of them, freezing and saving for later. One morning when you're in a rush, you can just pop them in the toaster - awesome! One thing to note (from the author) is to wait until you're actually cooking before you put in your blueberries if you want to avoid some funky-looking dis colorization. Get this recipe at Recipe Renovator :) 

Cantaloupe and Ginger Snap Granola

All right - simple ingredients, minimal ingredients. Fast. Simple. Delicious. All the things we love! If you're strictly vegan, the adjustment is minimal to this... simply use your favorite rice or soy based yogurt instead of the Greek yogurt and voila. Check it out at Noshtopia.

Vegan Breakfast Biscuits

This one includes a little more, but it's incredibly versatile. For instance, according to Brooke (the funny and entertaining author of the original post), if you've got lil' ones who are picky eaters you might want to avoid or substitute the tempeh and/or cheesy tofu (but it never hurts to try!). Get all the juicy details at Cheeky Kitchen.

Vegan Chickpea Omelette

Last but not least! An omelette (yes!). I am not a big fan of egg substitutes, so this one really caught my interest. No egg and better... no odd-flavored liquid that we're supposed to eggs. Instead, use the versatility of chickpeas that are becoming so popular. You'll find that it's got the feel of an omelette, but with a whole new nuttier flavor. Yum. You have got to see this -- find it at Sketch Free Eating