Vegan Cinnamon Toast

Who didn't love cinnamon toast growing up as a kid? I know I did! Well now we can enjoy that delightful morning feeling in a vegan-friendly version or give our kids that opportunity while not feeling guilty - and it's quite easy to do. For the margarine, you could try the Earth Balance brand. Just choose one that doesn't have any casein, lactose, whey or caseinate, because those are all dairy. The Earth Balance has zero  hydrogenated oils, is cholesterol free and gluten-free. Anyways, I'm sure you have a favorite (please share with a comment if you know of better alternatives). :)

This vegan cinnamon toast comes from Mattie at (Mattie, I didn't see any contact information or a way to leave a comment... so if you don't want me using your photo please just let me know!)