Butternut Squash Soup (and the Secret to the "Chicken Stock")

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When I came across this soup, I knew I had to save the recipe! What better way than to throw up on here so I can always come back and find it (I don't know about you, but I have to delete bookmarks weekly or they get so full it won't let me add anymore lol). I think that *maybe* I can get our kids to eat squash with this soup (if you know any awesome kid-friendly squash recipes, please leave a comment!). 

Anyways, there's only one little problem with this that I see if you want to stick to a plant-based diet... that is the chicken stock that it calls for. So I went on a hunt. I didn't want to purchase any premade "vegan-friendly" chicken stock. I wanted to see what kind of options there may be for some kind of substitute. 

It didn't take long! I found something very interesting. Actually, this girl (Lea) discovered a chicken broth alternative by accident while trying to make a red lentil soup. It didn't go as planned (she was experimenting with her Vitaclay smart cooker)... check out the details on her site at Nourishing Treasures.

Now that you know an easy way to substitute the chicken broth, grab the butternut squash soup at OurBestBites.