A Veg Kitchen Wish List!

This week I've been doing some looking around and making a wish list for kitchen I'd love to have. Of course, that boils down to just about everything, but here are some of my favorites :) What would be on your list? 

Miallegro 9080 Immersion Blender Set
I've never owned an immersion blender and this looks like it could fit a variety of needs.

Morar and Pestle from Le Cuistot

Cast Iron (Enameled) Le Cuistot Mortar and Pestle with Spout - would make things so much easier. 

 Mezzaluna Herb Cutting Board Set with Magnetic Storage
The magnetic storage on this Mezzaluna set will definitely come in handy.

Healthsmart 10 piece waterless cookware set
I seen something really cool on the Today Show today that I am trying out, too. It's MonkeyWish and is a fun, easy way to create shopping lists/wish lists. You can do it online or on your phone with their apps or even use a Google Chrome extension for it. It's very fast and modern. Here's a screenshot of my veg kitchen wishlist being started :)

If you're logged into your MonkeyWish account while browsing online, you can add stuff from any site you're on to your list. You can also upload or put in a link to anywhere to manually add items to your list. Then when it's ready, share it on Twitter or Facebook or by email to those you want to share it with. Pretty fun stuff.