My Vegan Black Bean Burgers Fascination

AJBombers via Flickr

I will admit to an obsession with veggie burgers. There seems to be an endless supply of ideas for tasty, healthy, plant-based burgers and I imagine that we have just dipped our collective toe in the ocean of possibilities.

I think my all-time favorites (so far!) are black bean burgers. I can’t really say why, but I even like the way they look.  They’re so versatile and easy, and anything that can be made ahead and frozen for later is a WINNER in my book. Even leftovers are delicious!

I came across a blog the other day by a woman who has overcome some immense weight challenges in her life, and has maintained her current healthy state by eating healthy. One of her featured recipes was Vegan Black Bean Burgers.

I’m not kidding, by the time I had finished perusing her list of ingredients and looking at the wonderful photos (I’ve been known to pick the recipe with the best photo!) I was making a mental grocery list of what I’d need to get to be able to make those this week. Can you really go wrong with black beans, carrots, mushrooms and onions? Flavored with Dijon mustard, cumin and chili powder? Y.U.M!

There is one change that many of us may have to make, though, and that would be to find a gluten-free substitute for the panko bread crumbs. I plan to try crushing the same amount of gluten-free Rice Chex cereal and trying that. So, whether you’re cooking your own black beans from scratch (bless you), or opening a can, these burgers are sure to be a big hit. Just don’t forget the Vegenaise! Bon appetit!

~Post by Jaala